~ Auto Buzz ~: BlackBerry Priv no longer receiving monthly updates

Saturday, 16 December 2017

BlackBerry Priv no longer receiving monthly updates

Two years ago, BlackBerry made a new foray into smartphones with the PRIV, its first Android-powered smartphone. Part of the PRIV’s selling point was a guarantee of 24 months of security updates. The PRIV has now passed the 24 month-mark and BlackBerry has confirmed that it will no longer be issuing monthly security updates. The company will, however, continue to monitor the PRIV’s security situation and will update the device if any critical security issues arise.

The PRIV is designed in such a way that it features security protection from the initial construction of the hardware, and BlackBerry has created a layered system that should protect the PRIV from most, if not all, threats. The company has even stated that many of its monthly security updates weren’t necessary because the PRIV’s built-in protection kept it secure from many of the threats that were being resolved.

For PRIV owners, BlackBerry is working on a trade-up program to upgrade to a KeyOne or Motion, so stay tuned for more details in the coming months.

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