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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Cricket Wireless: 4 Unlimited Data Lines For $100 Per Month

Cricket Wireless has now started a new promotion where consumers can get four ‘unlimited’ lines for only $100 per month. Cricket first made the announcement yesterday confirming that the deal would become active from December 1, today. So those looking for an affordable option for a group of four may want to check this one out.

As to be expected with an unlimited all-in plan, what Cricket is offering here is four smartphone lines with each line coming equipped with unlimited talk, text, and data. The end result being the family of four ends up paying just $25 for each of the lines while gaining the benefits more often associated with prices at least double this. So this does seem to be a good deal for those in the market for one. As for the caveats, there are a couple. Firstly, video is usually one of the most commonly touted benefits of having an unlimited data plan. However, with this deal those who sign up will find that video streaming is capped at an SD quality. Likewise, the announcement explains that general data speeds are also capped at 3Mbps with video streaming is capped at 1.5 Mbps. For those heavier users, the announcement also details that consumers who exceed 22GB data in any given month may find themselves seeing slowed speeds for the remainder of the month.

For those who are not in need of a four-line plan, this promotion is tied to the company’s Unlimited 2 Plan. This plan offers consumers the option to sign up for one line at a cost of $55 per month. From there, adding a second line sees a discount of $30 per month applied to the cost of two lines ($110 per month), bringing the total down to $80 per month. Now of course, that deal extends to the third and fourth lines which technically speaking are now added for an additional $10 per line per month. Some of the extra benefits on offer with the carrier’s Unlimited 2 plan (regardless of how many lines are connected) include unlimited texting to 38 countries from the US. In addition to unlimited data, text and calls when travelling from the US to Mexico or Canada.

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