~ Auto Buzz ~: Deal: Spotify Premium for $99 annually

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Deal: Spotify Premium for $99 annually

Two months back, Spotify and Hulu wowed customers when they offered Spotify Premium and Hulu’s basic option for just $5/month for college students. Now Spotify is back with another deal, but this one is applicable for all customers. Interested individuals can score an annual subscription to Spotify Premium for just $99, a $20 savings over a year at the monthly price of $9.99.

The offer is eligible for one year, after which customers will be switched back to the standard $9.99/month price. Customers can sign up anytime during the month of December for the deal. While this option requires shelling out more money up front, it does save cash over the life of the Premium plan. As a reminder, Spotify Premium allows users to download music, listen ad-free, play any song, and enjoy unlimited skips. At $99/year, it’s a bargain.

To sign up, click here or follow the source link below.

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