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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Enlarge your lips naturally!


Most of the people want to have naturally full lips but that isn’t something that we can have simply because we want to. Many of these people even undergo surgeries and pay a lot of money in order to achieve that. Today we are going to present you some completely natural ways for bigger and fuller lips.

Peppermint oil

It has the ability of a natural lip plumper and it can be found in every store. When you apply some peppermint oil to your lips it makes them a little swelled and boost the circulation and makes them redder. It is completely safe and you can apply it directly to your lips.

Capsicum oil

Prepare your own lip balm and lip glow this oil. Take some Vaseline or one of your favorite lip balm and add 2-3 drops of capsicum oil. Your lip balm is ready for use.

You can also mix some capsicum powder with some water and apply it on your lips. After 5 minutes your lips will look fuller.

Cinnamon powder oil

This is another completely natural ingredients that will make your lips fuller and redder. Add 1-2 drops of this oil in your lip balm and use when you want your lips to look fuller.

You can also add some cinnamon powder in some olive or almond oil. Apply this mixture to your lips and after 10 minutes they will look more beautiful.

Exfoliation for bigger lips

Mix some brown sugar with some coconut or olive oil and exfoliate your lips with this mixture. This will increase the blood flow in your lips and it will make the fuller and rosier.

Beeswax and honey

Apply a thin layer of beeswax or honey to your lips. Leave it during the night and wash it well in the morning.

Exercises for bigger lips

This exercise if for fuller lips and if you want to get rid of the double chin. Repeat it every day for 10 minutes and in two months the results will be amazing.

Whistle, smile, and kiss – is your amazing exercise. Try doing it every day and have fuller lips.

Massage the lips

Take some oil, the one you like the most, and massage your lips every day for 5-10 minutes. This massage will improve your circulation and your lips will look fuller and redder.

Use makeup

Choose the best color for your skin tone and apply a liner that is a bit darker than the lipstick and at the end add some lip gloss.






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