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Friday, 1 December 2017

Google Home Now Supports Multiple Commands

Google is keeping true to its word, of making Google Home and Google Assistant smarter and better over time. It has quietly pushed out a change to Google Home, so that you can now issue multiple commands to the Assistant, instead of doing it one at a time. This is likely the beginning of the “Routines” feature that was announced about a month ago, which has yet to roll out.

With the Google Assistant, you were only able to give it one command at a time. So if you wanted to get the weather, listen the news headlines and then check your calendar in the morning while you are having coffee, you had to ask for the weather, then wait for the Assistant to finish before you moved onto the next command. Now you can give it two commands at a time. Unfortunately it looks like 3 doesn’t work just yet, but that should change in the near future. But this is a good change for those that do use Google Assistant on the Google Home to do a whole bunch of different things throughout the day. This is really the only other thing that users have been complaining about, since Google brought multi-user support to the Google Home a few months ago.

Now while this works on the Google Home with Google Assistant, it does not work on the smartphone version of Google Assistant, which is yet another example of how Google is fragmenting a piece of software that it controls. The experience of Google Assistant on an Android smartphone versus on Google Home is vastly different, and it has mostly been this way since it launched last year. It will likely continue, but hopefully Google is able to bring the two in-line with each other. The Google Assistant is continuing to get better and Google wants the Assistant to do everything for you. While it is still quite a ways off from actually doing everything for you, it is getting closer than it ever has before. Those that do have third-party Google Assistant speakers, like the JBL LINK series or the Sony LF-S50G, this does appear to work, as Google Assistant does see these as Cast Speakers, similar to the Google Home.

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