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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Google’s New Chromebook Offer Comes With Netflix For Free

Google‘s newest Chromebook offer comes with Netflix for free for an entire six months. There is a catch though. This is an offer which is only good for a few different Chromebook models and these include Google’s most recently launched Chromebook, the Pixelbook which starts at a base cost of $999 if you get the entry model, or Samsung’s most recently launched Chromebooks, the Chromebook Plus and the Chromebook Pro which cost between $450 and $500. The other kicker is that the offer has to be redeemed by the end of this year, specifically by December 31st, meaning that once January 1st hits you will no longer be able to redeem the offer and get a six-month Netflix subscription for free.

Normally Netflix is going to be a $10.99 a month fee if you subscribe to the tier that lets you stream unlimited video to two different screens at the same time, so over the period of six months that’s about $66 that you would be spending. So while not a huge savings it still does add up and that extra $10.99 a month could mean the difference one or two extra coffees every month if that’s your thing. Now, this isn’t an offer that you should necessarily consider buying one of these Chromebooks for, but if you were planning to buy one regardless prior to knowing about the offer or if you already had bought one recently, then you will want to redeem the offer before the month is over.

If Netflix isn’t your thing, you still get it for free so it might be worth checking out and you can certainly cut the subscription off before you end up having to pay for it for the first month. There are also other Chromebook offers that Google is giving up to Chromebook buyers. For instance, when you buy a Chromebook Plus or Chromebook Pro, you can receive a $20 Google Play Store credit to spend on some apps, games, movies, music, or books, and this makes perfect sense as a reward considering both of those Chromebooks are options which are compatible with the Play Store and can use Android apps. There are also a few other offers on hand too, such as a free car pack for Asphalt 8, Google Drive storage, and a three-month subscription to Play Music.

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