~ Auto Buzz ~: Leasing from a brand dealership vs a third-party dealership

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Leasing from a brand dealership vs a third-party dealership

Car shoppers considering leasing a vehicle have multiple options to choose from. Many brand dealerships and third-party dealerships offer lease options to customers. Car shoppers looking at both options will be interested in learning more about leasing from a brand dealership vs a third-party dealership.

Brand Dealership Leasing Options

Brand dealerships offer multiple benefits for lease customers. Leasing from a brand dealership will allow customers to begin to build a relationship with that dealership.

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Brand dealerships offer access to OEM technicians and parts for maintenance reasons, as well as the ability to work with OEM-trained team members. Working with technicians that specify in that specific brand can help begin a dialogue about proper maintenance with brand parts.

Car shoppers that are interested in a vehicle from a specific manufacturer, looking at a brand-specific dealership for that manufacturer will most-likely have a larger selection of vehicles from that brand.

Brand dealerships will also have financing options available that might not be offered at a third-party dealership. Brand dealerships also may offer additional lease incentives and offers that may not be available through a third-party dealership. Many brand dealerships will also have a designated leasing team to help walk car shoppers through all their available options.

The availability of leasing options, and the incentives offered with each lease will vary depending on the third-party dealership the vehicle is leased from. Lease options will be consistent for dealerships within a specific brand or manufacturer.

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