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Monday, 4 December 2017

The amazing benefits of the aspirin!


Salicylic acid has the ability to relieve the pain and to prevent blood clotting and that is the main ingredient of the aspirin.

Here are some of the amazing benefits and uses of the aspirin:

  • Relieves the pain from insect bites and stings

If an insect bites you rub an aspirin pill over the spot and you will feel immediate relief. But visit a doctor immediately if you are allergic.

  • Dries up the pimples

Most of the people have pimples from time to time. This usually occurs during the adolescence but it can even happen in adults. Crush an aspirin, moisten it and apply it to your pimple. This will dry out your pimple and it will disappear after a while.

  • Makes your skin look younger

The salicylic acid has the ability to remove the dead cells, to remove the excessive oil, the redness, the acne, and the swelling. Therefore, it will make your skin look younger and more beautiful. Mix ¼ cup of water with five crushed aspirins. Apply the mixture to your face and wash well after 10 minutes.

  • Treats calluses

Mix some lemon juice, ½ a tsp. of honey, and 5 crushed aspirins. Apply this paste to your hard calluses and wrap the area with a warm towel. Remove the towel after 10 minutes and the calluses will be gone.

  • Great against dandruff

Add two crushed aspirins in your shampoo and wash your hair as you usually do. This will treat your dandruff effectively.

  • It can eliminate the stains from your perspiration

Mix ½ a cup of water with some crushed aspirins and put the parts with the stains in this mixture. Leave it for a few hours and the stains will be gone.

  • Restore the hair color with some aspirins

Dissolve 8 aspirins in 1 glass of warm water and rub this mixture on your hair. Wash well after 15 minutes and your hair will look shiny and beautiful again.

  • It can remove the grease from the cookware

Mix a few crushed aspirins with some water and rub your cookware with this paste. The results will be amazing!

  • The plants will last longer

If you want your plants to last longer add a few crushed aspirins in their water.

Source: healthydentcosmetic.com



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