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Friday, 29 December 2017

The importance of properly inflated tires

What is the recommended tire pressure on 2018 FIAT 500L?

Do you have a low tire pressure warning light on your 500L dash? Maybe you are just checking the pressures on your tires. Either way, you will want to know the recommended tire pressure on 2018 FIAT 500L models. We have the information you seek.

2018 FIAT 500L gauge clusterWhere can you find the recommended PSI for your 500L tires

Don’t bother hunting through the manual. That thick tome is a fount of knowledge on a wide variety of topics, but it does not contain the recommended tire pressure for your FIAT 500L. Instead, that information is in a much more convenient place.

If you open the driver’s door of your 500L and look on the b-pillar (the metal pillar the separates your front door from your rear door) there should be a sticker that includes a wonderful amount of information including the recommended tire pressure for all four tires and your spare.

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Why isn’t the recommended tire pressure listed in the manual? That’s simply because the pressure may be different from model year to model year, and can even change depending on your trim level and options. Use the sticker to get the most accurate information on what pressure your tires should be inflated to.

Should you be concerned about low tire pressure?

Having low tire pressure is an extremely common thing, that’s why all modern cars are equipped with TPMS or Tire Pressure Management Systems. Low tire pressure at best will leave you with reduced fuel efficiency, and at worst, you can end up with a blow-out that will leave you stranded. Properly inflating your tires will also help prevent your rubber from wearing out prematurely.

Why would tire pressure drop?

There are three primary reasons why your tire pressure could drop. The first is the most alarming, and that’s a leak. If you suspect you have a leak, you should get it looked at as soon as possible. Mechanics can fix most leaks very affordably.

The second reason that your tires could be low on air is that it got colder. Tires lose about 1 PSI for every 12 degrees of temperature drop. When the bitter winter cold comes, your tire pressures will likely drop. The last reason is that tires simply lose air over time, and it’s nothing to be concerned about, though you should still refill them to make up for air loss.

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