~ Auto Buzz ~: Tweets About Rick & Jadis On ‘The Walking Dead’ Are Cheering So Hard

Monday, 4 December 2017

Tweets About Rick & Jadis On ‘The Walking Dead’ Are Cheering So Hard

We're nearing the mid-point of this season of The Walking Dead, but this show is not slowing down anytime soon. We left off Rick in Episode 6 of the series as a stripped down prisoner of head Heapster, Jadis. But in Episode 7 of Season 8, "Time For After," we saw Rick fight back, escape his "shackles," and ultimately come to an understanding with Jadis. So naturally, Twitter exploded, and tweets about Rick and Jadis on The Walking Dead are so incredibly impassioned.

The Walking Dead fan-base is not a beast to be reckoned with, as is evidenced when following the show's hashtag on Twitter. In Episode 6, "The King, The Widow, and Rick," Rick ended the episode as a prisoner of Jadis. Rick remained her prisoner in Episode 7, and Jadis bizarrely stripped him down and took pictures of him. She told Rick that she would use the pictures to "sculpt him after," which didn't exactly make sense at first.

But at the end of the episode, it all came together when Jadis put an armored walker in front of Rick, presumably wanting for him to get eaten and croak. But Rick is able to fight back (despite being almost fully naked and weaponless) and tackles Jadis to the ground, taking out the walker and ripping its head off along the way. In the kind of amazingly badass moment that fans love this show for, Rick placed the head of the walker he tore apart in front of her face and forced her to agree to his terms on an alliance to attack the Sanctuary. Yesssss.

Twitter fans were absolutely loving Rick's badass moment:

More to come.

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