~ Auto Buzz ~: Verizon’s New ‘Humanability’ Ad Campaign Focuses On Diversity

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Verizon’s New ‘Humanability’ Ad Campaign Focuses On Diversity

Verizon is preparing to launch a new advertising campaign called “Humanability” that’s meant to focus on the diversity of the company’s portfolio and establish it as a highly versatile tech giant facilitating many different aspects of life, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. The first video attached to the campaign can be seen below, being set to officially debut during Sunday’s night football game between Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks. Verizon already bought ad space for the campaign from major media networks like CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox, and the Washington Post, in addition to financing online campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In essence, the majority of the nation will soon be exposed to Verizon’s latest message which seeks to communicate the company is much more than just a mobile service provider.

As such, the upcoming campaign will largely be going against many of Verizon’s other promotional efforts launched in recent years which touted the firm’s network and focused on the wireless aspect of its business. The upcoming set of ads will be a departure from the previous strategy despite being partially based on Verizon’s 5G efforts as it will try to illustrate how the company is contributing to other segments like healthcare and traffic control. Remote operations using robotic arms controlled by surgeons with virtual reality headsets are just one example of Verizon’s research and development the telecom juggernaut is seeking to publicly highlight in an attempt to not just humanize itself but make consumers more aware of its rapidly diversifying business portfolio.

The initiative is understood to be a consequence of the highly saturated wireless market that prompted Verizon to expand its scope in search for new revenue growth engines in recent years. The telecom giant’s purchase of AOL and Yahoo which it combined into Oath earlier this year is one of the most prominent examples of that approach which still seeks to avoid blockbuster purchases, with the company recently stating it won’t mimic AT&T’s attempted takeover of Time Warner by trying to merge with another cable giant. The “Humanability” campaign is expected to run until early 2018, though no specific expiry date has yet been attached to it by the wireless carrier.

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