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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Ulefone’s Rugged Armor 2S Now Official & Available To Pre-Order

This week Ulefone announced the launch of one of its latest smartphones, the Ulefone Armor 2S. Following on from the previous Armor model, this latest one looks to alleviate buyers of any concerns surrounding the durability of their phone. As the Armor 2S is built to last. Which can be best summed up via its build quality which is able to withstand drops from a height of up to 1.2 meters, and its water-resistance with the Armor 2S equipped with an IP68 rating. Which essentially means the phone can be submerged in water for up to one hour, and to a depth of 1.5 meters. A combination which should mean even the most adventurous of users will find their Armor 2S is able to keep up with them.

Speaking of which, for those who often find themselves adventuring for longer periods of time, and therefore in need of a longer-lasting battery, the Armor 2S has one of those too. As this phone comes loaded with a 4,700 mAh battery which the company states should easily last through two days without needing to be charged. When it does need to be charged, however, the included 9V/2A fast charge support should provide enough of a charge, in a quick enough time-frame. As for the rest of the specs and features, the Ulefone Armor 2S is a phone packed with a 5-inch display along with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. Inside, the Armor 2S crams in 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, and a MediaTek MT6737T quad-core processor. On the camera side of things, a 13-megapixel camera is positioned on the back, while an 8-megapixel camera can be found on the front. Also included is the option to expand the storage when needed via microSD card, (up to 256GB), a USB Type-C port, a fingerprint sensor, a dedicated audio chipset, and Android 7.0 (Nougat). This is also a smartphone which includes a number of additional hardware buttons for quicker access to select features, such as the shutter, and an “SOS” button.

In terms of availability, the Ulefone Armor 2S is now available to pre-order with the price set at $199.99. This is a limited time price, however, with the price expected to increase once the pre-order period has ended. For those looking for a little more customization, Ulefone has confirmed the Armor 2S is available to buy in a selection of colors, including Dark Gray, Gold, Green, and Red. More details on the Ulefone Armor 2S through the links below. Also below, is the latest promotional video from Ulefone for its latest rugged smartphone.

More info: Ulefone Armor 2S Pre-order Ulefone Armor 2S (Aliexpress)

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