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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Google Home Reminders Become Location-Aware

Google Home reminders have now become location-aware thanks to Google’s addition of the capability to configure reminders to activate once you get to a specific place. Setting reminders is great if you can manage to get that reminder at the right time, like setting a reminder to get something at the store so long as you end up making it when you planned to. In some cases this isn’t an issue, as you may simply need to set a reminder to go off at some point before you do something. If it’s a reminder to pick something up from the store, as long as you set the reminder to go off before you get there then everything should work out just fine. Except, many people may still forget to grab the one or few things they set the reminder for in the first place.

This new ability for Google Home will allow you to ask Google to set a reminder for picking up those items once you actually get to the store, and once your smartphone recognizes that you’ve arrived there, your reminder will go off and you’ll be seeing the message to grab whatever you were trying to remember as you’re actually picking other stuff up, which is likely to be better for some.

Google’s example is something most people can probably relate to. Asking Google to “set a reminder to pick up coffee at the grocery store” will ensure that once you step foot in your local market you won’t be able to forget to grab that coffee because the reminder will be fresh and staring you in the face, and you’ll be able to go home knowing that you have coffee for the next morning when you may feel like you need it to get that boost of energy. While the grocery store example may be a common one that many can resonate with there are other good examples too. For instance, you can remind yourself to buy popcorn when you get to the movie theater.

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