~ Auto Buzz ~: Samsung’s China NAND Plant Expansion To Begin Next Month

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Samsung’s China NAND Plant Expansion To Begin Next Month

Samsung is reportedly planning to expand a China NAND flash facility next month to meet global demand for its memory products. The expansion will take around the next three years to complete, and it will also include over $7 Billion in investments from Samsung for the project. The facility is located in Xi’an, China, and with an expansion of the facility is sure to come more jobs, though it isn’t reported how many new employees Samsung would be looking to hire after the expansion is completed.

This expansion is also only part of Samsung’s plans to increase the supply for its NAND products to go along with the increased demand. It wants to build a second chip facility in Pyeongtaek, South Korea where it already has one chip plant to help it produce these products. That said it’s unclear when it plans to begin the construction of this second facility or how long it would take in addition to how much it would cost to complete the facility. It is mentioned however, that Samsung has reached a preliminary approval for the investment of the second plant, which means the entire project is likely still in the early stages and may not have been fully approved just yet.

Samsung’s plans to expand its Xi’an-based NAND plant have been in the works for some time. It was initially reported last August that the company would be investing money into the facility there and would be allocating the money into different directions, including the hiring of new workers and expanding the plant. It was even reported that the amount invested would be $7 Billion and that it would happen over the course of a three-year period. What wasn’t mentioned at the time was when the construction would begin so the expansion could move forward. Those are the details which have surfaced as of today and it would seem that Samsung is finally ready to jump start the process, and Samsung hopes to begin production in the newly expanded part of the plant by sometime in 2019 though no exact dates have been mentioned at this time.

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