~ Auto Buzz ~: Vivo Announces AI-Powered, Adaptable ‘Super HDR’

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Vivo Announces AI-Powered, Adaptable ‘Super HDR’

Vivo has just announced its AI-powered Super HDR during a press event in China. This technology will be included in the company’s upcoming smartphones, it seems, and Vivo claims that it will boost the quality of photographs on its smartphones quite a bit. Super HDR’s auto scene detection will produce clearer photos with better colors, and more detail, says the company, while adding that Super HDR actually follows the same principles as your regular HDR, with a twist.

Super HDR merges more frames to fix issues presented by contrasting strong dark and light tones in photos, which should make it more useful than regular HDR. According to Vivo, Super HDR should be more capable when it comes to extreme lighting scenarios due to the fact it captures more frames, and then uses AI to merge them properly in order to create the best photo it possibly can. Super HDR’s dynamic range is capable of reaching up to 14 EM (Exposure Value), and as soon as you hit the shutter, it will capture up to 12 frames, more than regular HDR. Vivo says that Super HDR adapts to different scenes and their dynamic range characteristics in order to reduce the unnatural look of regular HDR, which is a result of its image processing. Super HDR optimizes shadows in order to ensure that they are well-balanced, and also look more natural than is the case with normal HDR, or at least that’s what Vivo says.

The company says that Super HDR uses complex AI algorithms in order to adapt to different scenarios, while the company also claims that its processing will keep the natural look of your photos, at least to some degree. Now, the company did send over some photo samples which have been processed using Super HDR, you can check out those photo samples in the gallery down below. Now, these photo samples do look quite impressive, as they don’t really seem unnatural, while colors and exposure are spot on. Super HDR may be quite useful when it comes to selfies as well, as front-facing cameras are usually nowhere near as good as rear-facing ones, and Super HDR should be able to boost those images regardless. Vivo will probably reveal more info regarding Super HDR in the future, so stay tuned for that.

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