~ Auto Buzz ~: ZeroLemon Launches Galaxy S9 Plus Case With 5,200mAh Battery

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

ZeroLemon Launches Galaxy S9 Plus Case With 5,200mAh Battery

Phone accessory maker ZeroLemon announced its latest offering in the form of the ZeroLemon Slim, a protective case for the Galaxy S9 Plus which ships with a 5,200mAh battery. The gadget can hence increase the charge available to Samsung’s latest Android phablet by over 148-percent, with the company promising it will at least double the handset’s battery life in practice. The accessory doesn’t need to be taken off in order to charge and allow the Galaxy S9 Plus to perform wired data transfers, in addition to boasting what ZeroLemon calls “360-degree protection” meant to ensure all angles of the flagship are protected from everyday wear and tear.

The back side of the protective case features a light indicator that can disclose the approximate remaining charge of the gadget’s battery, being able to display four colors in total, one for every additional quarter of a charge the device has left. The case ships with a zero defect guarantee and a year-long warranty, being priced at $40. The company is expecting to start shipping the ZeroLemon Slim within the next two weeks and has already listed its latest product on Amazon where customers can subscribe to be notified once the accessory becomes available for purchase. It’s presently unclear whether ZeroLemon is planning to launch a similar device meant to accommodate the smaller Galaxy S9 which offers a 3,000mAh battery instead of the 3,500mAh cell found inside its larger counterpart.

Samsung has been offering pre-orders for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus for the last two weeks and is set to conclude the advance order period tomorrow, with the two Android flagships being scheduled for an official global release on Friday. The company hasn’t shared any pre-order performance figures of its new ultra-premium devices, indicating the duo hasn’t gained as much momentum as the record-breaking Galaxy S8 lineup which garnered millions of advanced orders in all parts of the world last year. Samsung is still expecting the devices to outsell their direct predecessors, as revealed by its mobile chief DJ Koh late last month.

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