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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Amazon’s Alexa AI To Soon Assist EMTs In Ambulances

Amazon’s artificial intelligence assistant Alexa will soon be assisting select emergency medical technicians in ambulances, with privately owned Brewster Ambulance Service recently confirming it’s working on integrating the digital helper into its vehicles. The initial take on the implementation will rely on Echo Dot units, Amazon’s most affordable Alexa-enabled smart speakers whose second generation presently retails for $49.99. The move seeks to provide Brewster’s EMTs and other ambulance personnel with a more intuitive way to access guides on emergency procedures and similar critical information they need to provide adequate care to their patients. Asking Alexa about such topics will hence serve as an alternative to navigating lengthy guides, both digital and physical.

While trained medical personnel masters the basics of emergency care before even being put to work, professionals in the field sometimes still rely on guides when it comes to treating less common injuries or illnesses so as to ensure the care they’re providing is of the highest quality. Brewster Clinical Director Chris DiBona told Boston Globe that integrating Alexa into the company’s ambulances will allow its responders to quickly double-check their practices by simply yelling out questions or commands to Alexa while treating patients, without even having to take their eyes off them. The firm still hasn’t made any long-term commitments to Amazon’s AI solution and only intends to test it later this spring before deciding whether the technology is reliable enough to warrant an implementation on a larger scale.

The initial trials will take place in several ambulance vehicles and may begin as soon as June. It’s presently unclear how long is Brewster planning for its tests to last but Alexa could eventually make its way to ambulances operating in dozens of communities across Rhode Island and Massachusetts where the firm is presently operating. Outside of such unique implementations, Amazon has recently been working on bringing Alexa to more personal vehicles as a rival to Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay mirroring solutions.

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