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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Gmail For Web To Get New Design Soon

Gmail for the web is all set to get a new design soon as a recently discovered company email from Google’s G Suite team to a G Suite Administrator reveals some information about the upcoming visual changes to Google’s longstanding and popular email client. According to the information in the email, over the next few weeks Google will be announcing a new experience in Gmail via an Early Adopter Program. Google doesn’t go into exact specifics but it does mention that the new experience will include not only several new features, but a new interface for Gmail on the web thus confirming that it will get a new design.

Though Google isn’t spilling the beans on the new design features in detail, it does describe the interface as coming with a “fresh clean look” so users can likely expect things to look significantly different than they do right now. Perhaps Google will be implementing some more Material Design visual aspects. Aside from the visual changes, some of the several new features that will be included with the new experience will be Smart Reply, something which Google has already implemented in Gmail for Android and in apps like Android Messages as well as Allo.

Users will be able to soonze emails in Gmail for web soon too. So if you get an email and you tend to check and interact with those emails through the Gmail web client as opposed to the mobile app, you can snooze any email you like and configure when you want it to pop back up. As described by Google snoozing an email will take it out of your inbox, and setting the time when it pops back up will actually be the time that it reappears in your inbox, so if you don’t plan to check something for a couple of weeks, then it’ll disappear for that time period, helping you keep things as uncluttered as possible. Lastly, Google also notes that offline support will be coming to the web version of Gmail too, but it also points out that this won’t be available right away and will instead be arriving “shortly after” the announcement for the new early adopter program experience. If you use Gmail for web often keep an eye out for these changes as they’re just around the corner.

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