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Friday, 13 April 2018

Google Photos Could Allow Archiving By Type Soon

Google Photos could allow archiving by type soon as the app looks to have code in the latest version of the APK that points to the existing feature being able to categorize the photos that are being archived. While this feature will still be meant for assisting users in saving some space on their devices it seems like the archive feature may now work its intended magic in a more efficient way, and help users go back and find those photos more easily since things should be dumped into relative categories. As it stands it looks like Photos will be able to archive various types of images that contain text, such as business cards, receipts, passports and more, though it’s unclear if the categorization will expand beyond images of text or document type.

In addition to the new archiving by type feature, it also looks like Google is making some headway on the ability to “like” photos that are present in shared albums. While the likes feature was already discovered (though not yet available), it seems as though Google will also be adding an ability to leave comments on those photos, and there will be an option to disable comments, but you’ll have to disable likes as well, which means the two will be a package deal and you can’t have one without the other, so you’ll need to decide whether or not it’s worth having both even if you don’t want both.

Google also looks to be adding a new Vertical Panorama  label for photos should people actually grab these kinds of shots. This isn’t the new only new label though and it seems the labels will be intended to mark different categories of images. Alongside the vertical panorama label will be labels for things like 360-degree photos, burst groups, RAW photos, slow motion photos and more. If you’re currently on the latest version of Google Photos, which should be version 3.18, then you might also notice that Google has moved the Assistant tab. which now sits three icons in instead of being the first icon all the way to the left of the navigation bar of tabs. These changes follow the recently added capability for Google Assistant in Google Photos to identify popular dog and cat breeds.

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