~ Auto Buzz ~: Mercedes Me makes it easy for friends to borrow your A Class

Monday, 30 April 2018

Mercedes Me makes it easy for friends to borrow your A Class

In new Mercedes Benz A-Class is getting ready to hit the streets and there is a new feature brewing that will let you share your car with your friends. Mercedes me allows you to lend your A Class to friends, family or anyone you’d trust with your brand new sweet, sweet ride.

All you have to do is open the secure Mercedes me Car Sharing app from Mercedes-Benz, this feature should become available in August 2018.

Open Mercedes Me App

Book Rental

Wait for your friend to verify that they want to lend you their car.

Boo Ya! Time to drive your friends A Class!


Find car!

Start Rental

Use the Mercedes Me app in your phone to open the car!

Key is automatically activated through the app. Place key in the console.

Start Car

Have a great time driving the A Class

When you’re done stop the rental and this will deactivate the key inside the car and let your friend know you’re finished borrowing their sweet ride!

Car Sharing is becoming increasingly popular, and it makes sense that maybe you’d lend your friends a car for a fresh tank of gas or your favorite baked good. According to the German Car Sharing Association, over 1.7 million people in Germany are registered with providers such as market leader car2go. Mercedes me is looking at private Car Sharing, the Mercedes me Car Sharing App allows A Class drivers to share their vehicle with a specified group of people. Your trusted circle can book times to borrow your car and you can either turn them down or let them feel the rubber burn.

Once you give the green light on lending your car out, using the Mercedes Me app, the authorized user will open the vehicle using the App. This is made possible thanks to the Mercedes me communication module installed in the vehicle. The A Class is started with a key which is left in the vehicle, the key will also be activated temporarily. The key is enabled “over the air” by Mercedes me. When returning the vehicle, the driver leaves the key in the car and locks it using the App. When the car sharing period is over, the key is disabled so it can’t be used again until you authorize another rental.

Mercedes Me offers a whole host of services including Remote Parking Assist that lets you park your car with the push of a button; Concierge Service which I’ve tried and is hands down the cheapest personal assistant on the market; Remote Online, that lets you keep tabs on the state of your car at all times; In Car Office which lets you access your microsoft accounts so you can have access to your calendar and other planning tools while on the go; Live Traffic Information & Car-to-X-Communication, keeps you out of gridlock; and Fleet management services for the B2B segment.

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