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Friday, 20 April 2018

Microsoft Launches Window Defender Extension For Chrome

Microsoft has launched a Windows Defender extension for Chrome, giving users another potential option to help them safeguard themselves against phishing attacks, malware, malicious websites and more. The extension is fairly new having launched back on April 11 of 2018, meaning it just launched last week, and while it may still have a small number of users who have adopted it it offers up real-time protection from Microsoft and it works along Google‘s own native, built-in protection for Chrome so really it should only be bolstering the defenses of your browsing experiences which isn’t a bad thing.

As this is an extension it’ll sit up in the extensions bar along with the others that you have installed, and unless you have quite a few the icon should be visible in that bar. By clicking it, you’ll be able to enable or disable the Windows Defender for Chrome at your leisure, though as with any software that is meant to protect you from malicious online activity it would be in your best interest to leave it on most of the time. Like most extensions it’s also free to install so you won’t have to fork out any cash to get the extra protection.

That said there is one caveat – enabling the Windows Defender extension means you’ll have to give Microsoft access to your browsing history so it’s able to detect when there is a potential threat to you and your personal information and other sensitive data. If this bothers you, as mentioned above you can always disable the extension when you may not want it to have access to your browsing habits, and then you can easily re-enable it when you want the protection back. While this is designed to work with Chrome on a Windows machine, some users have reported that it will work on Mac machines with the Opera browser, though it is not intended to work on Chrome OS as all Chrome OS users have reported the extension not working.

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