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Friday, 27 April 2018

Motorola Pronto Suite To Be Used By States Of Jersey Police

Motorola‘s Pronto Suite of applications is going to be used by the States of Jersey Police, proposed as a forward-moving effort to transition from using methods for simpler tasks that could be completed more efficiently in the field by using digital resources instead of using paper. Examples of tasks that could be completed with some of the apps in the Pronto Suite are things like taking down statements or handing out penalty notices. The idea behind getting on board with the Pronto Suite is to save time for officers in the field and help streamline things.

The suite will include things like the Pronto OTA server for storage management, the Pronto Hub Server, and the Pronto Web Manager to view captured data. Essentially Pronto is a hosting service that opens up the access to the varied set of tools for officers in the field. The States of Jersey Police force has reportedly signed a three-year contract with Motorola for use of the suite, but its said that Pronto is to make up the bulk of the force’s initiative to digitize paper-based tasks, so it’s likely that a three-year contract could be extended if everything goes well, although it hasn’t been stated as much.

This won’t be the first time that a police force in the UK has utilized Pronto. around 20 forces around mainland UK are already using the suite of tools and have reported a better overall work environment, citing increased efficiency and improved police engagement along with simpler processes for things that are already simple to begin with, but more time consuming as well. With Pronto it’s expected that the States of Jersey police forces will see the same kind of improvements in similar areas. In addition to things like taking down statements issuing penalty notices, Pronto will also be able to enable mobile fingerprinting using a digital handheld scanners that will be powered by smartphones through a micro USB connection.

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