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Saturday, 14 April 2018

New Gmail Design Will Allow Restriction On Email Forwarding

The new Gmail design will allow restrictions on email forwarding as part of a new mode that Google will be including called “Confidential Mode.” This new mode will enable users to keep things more private and on a “for your eyes only” basis if there is ever an instance where they don’t want people sending the information in the email to others. While there might not be that many times where you care to make the content in an email private to the point that it can’t be shared, the ability to turn it on and off at will is going to be a nice feature to have for businesses and the like, especially in the wake of increasing privacy concerns.

More than just being able to restrict email forwarding, Confidential Mode will also reportedly enable users to restrict the ability for others to copy, download, or print any of the information in the email, so if this mode is toggled on and then an email is sent through it then it’s likely to be the safest bet that what you write in the email will stay with the initial person you send it to. This won’t stop people from taking pictures of the content if they really want to pass it on to others, but it should at least deter some people from sharing certain information that they may suspect the sender wants to keep private.

Not stopping at restrictions, Google seems keen on giving users all kinds of control on email security and who is able to view the messages they send. According to the rumor there will be a self-destruct option of sorts that lets you place an expiration date on emails so that if it isn’t opened and viewed before a certain designated time then the email will essentially disappear and the recipient would not be able to view it. There’s also reportedly going to be an option for adding passcodes to open emails with the passcodes being sent through SMS messages. All of these are going to be added as part of the Gmail update that Google is sending out in the near future, which will also include a fresh new design with loads of other additional features.

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