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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Researchers Explain 5 Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked

For many people, the nighttime ritual of getting ready for bed involves putting on pajamas and climbing under the covers. In fact, most people don’t shed their clothes for sleep unless they were doing… well, something else beforehand. Sleeping naked is usually seen as a “take it or leave it” type habit. But research has now shown that there are actual health benefits to shedding those pajamas and letting your body breathe during the night. Here are some of the ways sleeping naked can improve your health.

Here Are 5 Health Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

“If you’re wearing lots of bed clothes, it’s going to be more difficult to regulate your temperature, so wear the least you can get away with.” – Russell Foster

1. Sleeping naked helps improve blood circulation

For people who tend to sleep with clothes on, waking up with a pins-and-needles extremity isn’t entirely unheard of. A lot of people find that their body parts “fall asleep” while they’re sleeping and need some extra time for the blood circulation to return. But the pins-and-needles feeling in your arms and legs isn’t the only thing that can be lacking circulation when you wake up. According to a study by Anna’s Linens, sleeping naked can help improve our body’s blood circulation. This can have an extremely positive benefit on your hearts, lungs, and muscles.

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2. Sleeping naked also helps improve metabolism

There are a few steps when it comes to improving your metabolism where sleeping naked is concerned. First of all, sleeping naked ensures that you don’t overheat. When your body temperature lowers, your body activates a type of body fat that regulates your body temperature. This is to ensure that you stay warm enough while you’re sleeping. The Valley Sleep Center discussed how sleeping at a lower temperature helped people burn fat and calories at a faster rate. For a better metabolism, take off your pajamas and sleep free.

3. Sleeping naked helps lower stress levels

There are so many things that can cause us to get a poor night’s sleep. Stress is actually one of the worst culprits when it comes to people struggling to get to sleep and stay asleep. For the most part, sleeping naked has been shown to help people sleep because our bodies are much better equipped to sleep at certain temperatures. Restrictive clothing can make you overheat, which can be one of the causes of waking up feeling poorly. Getting a good night’s sleep is key to reducing stress levels. Once you start sleeping naked, you’ll notice that you’re getting better sleep and feeling less stressed during the day.

4. Ladies, it can help reduce yeast infections

As you can imagine, your private place can get pretty moist. With normal vaginal discharge, along with daily sweat, all tucked inside your underwear all night – things can get a little unpleasant. Sleeping naked can help cut down the number of yeast infections you get. Alyssa Dweck, a gynecologist in New York, said that women who deal with chronic yeast infections and vaginal inflammation will benefit the most from sleeping without underwear. If you’re a woman who has a hard time with yeast infections, try sleeping naked and reap the benefits.

5. Sleeping naked helps improve fertility in men

For the most part, the benefits of sleeping naked all have to do with the restrictions of the clothes on your body as well as the temperature that your body is during the night. Overheating during the night can cause all kinds of problems, from a poor night’s sleep to increased stress levels. For men, sleeping at a constant temperature can help keep their sperm count healthy and high for their respective ages. This is why sleeping naked is recommended for men who want to increase their virility and stay fertile.

Final thoughts

Our bodies need sleep at the end of the day. Sleeping helps our bodies repair, helps boost our immune systems, and gets us ready for a new day out in the world. The best thing we can do for our bodies is to help them sleep the best that we can. That’s why sleeping naked is one thing you can do to help your body during its most vulnerable hours. Even researchers agree that sleeping naked comes with a whole host of benefits for our bodies. It might take some getting used to, but once you get comfortable sleeping naked, you’ll never want to go back.

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