~ Auto Buzz ~: Target Launches Companion App For Its Connected Lights

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Target Launches Companion App For Its Connected Lights

Target has launched a companion app for its connected lights that lets you control them remotely, much like you can do if you own anything from the Philips Hue lineup or any of the other brands who have smart lights out there on the market. The app is called Target Connected and is made to help control everything from its “Sweet Slumber” and “Ara” collections. Right now there’s nothing listed in the Sweet Slumber collection but Target is already offering a a couple of different options in its Ara collection, which includes one floor lamp and one hanging ceiling lamp, both of which are also fairly pricey at $95 and $105 respectively.

With Target Connected you can do everything you might expect. It’ll allow you to turn the lights on and off from your phone, whether you’re at home or not, and you can use the app to dim the lights or brighten them depending on your needs. You can simply toggle them on or off from the control panel tab but there are also room scenes and smart actions you can utilize. If you tap on each individual light you’ll have the options for dimming as well as changing the temperature if you want to make the lights cooler or warmer, and should you need to make sure someone gets out of bed or goes to sleep you can lock lamps so they can’t turn off or on.

If you’re looking to automate things a little but you can access the Smart Actions screen where you can set up timers for each lamp you have connected in the home so they toggle on and off based on schedules. Essentially the Target Connected app is just like any other smart light companion app as it acts like the control hub for all the lights you have set up. You won’t necessarily need it if you’re just going to turn the lights on and off by hand, but then that would defeat the purpose of having smart lights in the first place. While the app is definitely useful, Target’s smart lights aren’t exactly the cheapest compared to other options, so it may be worth considering every possible option before you make a decision. If you already have some of the lights or you’re planning on getting them, you can find the button for the app below.

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