~ Auto Buzz ~: Arbor Video Doorbell Goes Up For Pre-Order Via At $139

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Arbor Video Doorbell Goes Up For Pre-Order Via At $139

The Arbor Video Doorbell has gone up for pre-order for $139 via the company’s Indiegogo campaign page, though it is worth noting that the $139 is a promotional early bird price which is 30-percent off of its original cost. Once officially out of the pre-order phase the product will move up to $199, so if you’re looking for something that offers the kinds of features that a video doorbell would then you might want to act fast on this particular item.

Smart Home company Arbor boasts that its video doorbell is not only going to offer you better quality pictures taken with the embedded camera at a faster pace than other comparable products, such as Ring, but that it will also feature a more reliable Wi-Fi connection. If these traits of the camera are true than Arbor may have something here as competing video doorbells are around the same cost, which adds all the more value to its pre-order pricing. In addition to more a more reliable wireless connection and the better image quality the Arbor Video Doorbell is said to “install in minutes” and that it’s extremely easy to install, a point which the company attempts to highlight on its Indiegogo page with the image of a younger child holding the doorbell in one hand and a screw driver in the other.

The doorbell should install in just a few minutes and the way it was designed is such that the system is completely wireless so the owner has no need to tap into the electrical box to set up the door chime. The chime itself is built into a Wi-Fi range extender that plugs directly into an outlet and connects to an existing wireless network in the home, as well as to the doorbell itself which can be latched into the wall plate you screw onto the outside of the home. It also has 160-degree diagonal motion detection and it boasts a 700 foot range, so it should have no trouble seeing anything in front of it. It also has night vision and a 5x digital zoom which is user-controlled from the smartphone companion app. Perhaps most notably though, is that the doorbell looks rather compact compared to other similar devices, catering to those who may want something a little less obtrusive.

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