~ Auto Buzz ~: Keep your valuables safe in your car!

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Keep your valuables safe in your car!

Where to hide valuable items in your car

Anyone who has been a victim of theft knows how violating it can feel to know that a stranger stole your belongings. That’s why it is important to think ahead and make sure that any valuables you have are safe and secure, especially while traveling. Check out these tips to hide your valuables!

How to hide valuables in your vehicle

Oftentimes, theft is a crime of opportunity, meaning someone may not intend to rob you, but will if they see a valuable item in plain sight in your vehicle. That’s why stashing those items out of view will help you avoid being robbed and keep your car and your items safe! Where should you stash your items? Check it out!

  • Not in the glove box. While it might be out of sight in this case, it is a common place that thieves look, so it is best to avoid this spot whenever possible (unless your glove box has a lock!). Other areas not to hide items include under the seats, in seat-back pockets and the center console.
  • Read your owner’s manual to determine if your car has any secret compartments that are not obvious. Some vehicles have hidden compartments that you can stash your valuables without fear of being found by criminals.
  • Use uncommon hiding spots. Putting your valuables (depending on their size) in between the seat cushion and the seat back, in the spare tire storage area, under the floor mats or inside of inconspicuous items (think: empty drink containers, mint or gum containers, etc).

    We highly recommend you take these precautions and hide your valuables before hitting the road to help increase your safety and avoid being robbed! If your vehicle is in need of service, come on down to Palmen Fiat today!

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