~ Auto Buzz ~: LG G7 ThinQ To Become Available In South Korea This Week

Thursday, 17 May 2018

LG G7 ThinQ To Become Available In South Korea This Week

LG has now confirmed the G7 ThinQ is being readied for an immediate release. The announcement specifically details the new smartphone will become available to buy first in South Korea “this week.” The announcement then goes on to confirm the G7 ThinQ will also become available “shortly thereafter” in “key markets in Asia” as well as the “Americas and Europe.” The announcement does not provide any more details on the global rollout of the G7 ThinQ, or its price in any of the mentioned regions with LG confirming exact pricing and availability information “will be announced locally.”

The LG G7 ThinQ was announced at the start of May and is the latest smartphone to come through from LG which places a greater focus on its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities – in part the reasoning behind the use of the ThinQ branding. AI aside, LG is also touting a number of the other premium features associated with the smartphone including its cameras and it’s brighter than usual display (with notch). As well as its audio capabilities thanks to the inclusion of a ‘Boombox Speaker’ that that looks to turn the phone into a resonance chamber.

While this latest news primarily relates to South Korea, the G7 ThinQ availability news in general has been increasing over the past week with the phone having been noted going up for pre-order in the UK, as well as a new promotion that is set to launch in Canada in the coming days which will see buyers of the G7 ThinQ eligible to receive a 4K TV for free. As for the US, it is largely expected pre-orders will begin to open starting on May 25 with a view to the device becoming generally available to buy in the first week of June. At present, it is expected all of the main carriers in the US will offer the G7 ThinQ with the notable exception being AT&T. Who recently confirmed it has decided the hold off on the G7 ThinQ in favor of releasing a different LG smartphone in the summer. One that will only be available through AT&T.

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