~ Auto Buzz ~: OnePlus Bullets Wireless Earbuds Have Magnetic Resume

Thursday, 17 May 2018

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Earbuds Have Magnetic Resume

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Earbuds have a feature called Magnetic Resume, which lets users unlatch the earbuds from each other to resume playback of their music or any other audio as they put the earbuds back in. On the reverse, when the earbuds are pulled out of your ears and stuck together magnetically, the audio playback is paused and the earbuds are powered down. These new earbuds from the company were announced this morning at OnePlus’ official event where it also announced the OnePlus 6, and in addition to the convenience factor of the magnets to help keep the earbuds safe and secure around your neck when you’re not wearing them, they come with a particularly good battery life setup.

One issue with many sets of wireless earbuds is battery life, and OnePlus is boasting that it has solved this pain point by designing the Bullets Wireless Earbuds to give you up to five hours of battery life and listening time with just a ten-minute charge. That means that you can spend less than half an hour charging these earbuds and get them back up to a full battery, so even if you use the battery up by mid-day, a quick charge will get you enough battery life to take you through the rest of it without any issues. The earbuds also charge with USB Type-C so charging is already going to be fast.

OnePlus designed these with an in-line remote that has controls for music playback as well as voice calls, and the controls also work for Google Assistant by long-pressing the pause/play button. OnePlus is launching the Bullets Wireless Earbuds in the U.S., Europe, and in the UK, with the cost of the earbuds set at $69, €69, and £69 respectively. On top of that the earbuds will be available to purchase from OnePlus on June 5 so there won’t be a long wait to get a hold of a hold of them if you need a new pair of earbuds.

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