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Friday, 18 May 2018

Telenav Open-Sources Mapping Tech, Debuts $10k Contest

Location service provider Telenav is open-sourcing its proprietary, artificial intelligence-enabled mapping technology and launching a new contest meant to promote the map-making platform. The Santa Clara, California-based company says its solution is the world’s first open-source system that leverages machine learning to identify navigation features using street-level imagery, thus being a potentially highly disruptive technology. When applied to the issue of creating and enhancing map data, the platform can reduce traditional efforts by up to ten times, hence significantly cutting back on development time, according to Telenav. The firm’s current dataset contains over 130 million street images crowd-sourced via its OpenStreetCam app for Android and iOS devices, with the collection still growing at a rapid pace.

Telenav open-sourced two crucial components of the AI mapping platform – its machine learning algorithm and training sets. The former can recognize dozens of road element types such as traffic lights and signs and will soon be updated to identify lane and road width, as well as other data developers can benefit from. The newly released training sets have more than 50,000 street-level images that are tagged and hence suitable for creating advanced mapping solutions. Telenav is describing the move as its attempt to empower developers and ensure next-generation map-making is entirely “open and accessible to everyone.”

The Telenav MapAI Contest that’s now running is meant to incentivize contributions to the platform, offering a $10,000 cash prize. Interested participants can refer to the competition’s CodaLab page available through the banner below to find out more details about the initiative which is running until mid-August. Telenav is presently also pushing its new platform for free in-car services, seeking disruption in the industry that was itself disrupted by Google Maps about a decade ago. The company is one of Ford’s Sync 3 partners, having recently signaled it’s continuing that years-long collaboration.

Telenav MapAI Contest

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