~ Auto Buzz ~: Xiaomi Subsidiary Readies Wireless Vacuum Launch In The U.S.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Xiaomi Subsidiary Readies Wireless Vacuum Launch In The U.S.

Xiaomi subsidiary ROIDMI is reportedly preparing to launch yet another product to help its parent company gain a foothold in the U.S. market with a new wireless vacuum cleaner called the F8. There are, of course, already similar vacuums available in the U.S. but the company hopes to approach the industry differently than its would-be competitors. Rather than offering a premium product at a high cost, the mobile manufacturer is taking an angle centered around affordability and ease of use. For starters, it is expected to be priced within the country at around $289 for early backers, once a new Indiegogo campaign is launched for the region. That’s actually an expansion on its current backing from its Chinese campaign, which raised approximately $2.8 million from more than 12,200 backers.

While that price isn’t necessarily lower than all of its competitors, the value of a product is generally connected directly to what that product offers. There are, in fact, cheaper wireless vacuums on the market. With that said, ROIDMI’s F8 seems to bring quite a lot to the table without actually being more expensive than other vacuums it’s competing with more directly. For starters, it features a four-layer filtration system, coupled with a multi-level cyclone duct system which generates up to 18.5KPa of air pressure. Suction is provided via a motor moving up to 100,000 rpm at 115 watts via a 74WH-rated battery. That provides nearly an hour of cleaning time in normal mode with 10 minutes of deep cleaning for high-traffic areas. What’s more, it includes an LED light to help owners see the floor more clearly and has a noise rating of just 75dB. Charging takes place via a wall mount with a cleanly tucked cable keeping everything tidy. An app provides feedback about maintenance and anomalies, while an anti-clogging system is in place to keep things running smoothly and specially designed brush teeth prevent tangles.

Beyond even that, there are two different brush heads. One of those is for hard floors, while the other is for use on carpeted areas. Extra attachments are provided for corner and furniture cleaning, as well as an extender for removing particulates from walls and accessories for car detailing. Each of those attaches and detaches easily thanks to a click-in system. That’s arguably quite a bit of vacuum for the price, though it remains to be seen if the campaign will be successful. It’s also worth viewing the company’s claims about its new technology with a dose of skepticism – at least until the vacuum launches. In the meantime, anybody interested in learning more can head to the button below to access the official company site for its F8 wireless vacuum.

Check Out The ROIDMI F8

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