~ Auto Buzz ~: Android Messages on the web goes live

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Android Messages on the web goes live

Earlier this year, we heard that Google was planning on bringing Android Messages to the web, which would basically let users carry over conversations from their Android devices onto desktops and laptops.

Google has now given the green light to this particular feature, launching a dedicated website that will allow folks to chat with their contacts right on their computer. If you head over to messages.android.com, you will see a new website that offers a bit of important text as well as a giant QR code.

The text tells you what you need to do to get Android Messages on the web working, which start with opening Messages app on your phone, tap the “More” options menu, and then select the “Messages for web” option. You will then scan that giant QR code, which will launch the ability to use Android Messages on the web.

There is also an option to “Remember this computer”, which will likely make it a lot easier to quickly load into your conversations every day.

The bad news here is that, at the time of publication, the “messages for web” function in the More options menu on the phone isn’t live just yet. There is no telling when this will actually change, but if Google is prepping the web-side of the feature, it should be soon.

This is a lot like how Google’s Allo messaging service works, but considering it’s for the stock texting function on so many Android phones, it should catch on quite a bit more.

Are you planning on using Android Messages on the web?

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