~ Auto Buzz ~: Anker Announces The Affordable Soundcore Space NC Headphones

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Anker Announces The Affordable Soundcore Space NC Headphones

Anker’s newest sub-brand, Soundcore, has just released a new pair of headphones. These are the Soundcore Space NC. Which are a pair of noise-cancelling headphones that also offer up some pretty impressive battery life, rated at around 20 hours of continuous playback, all for under $100. Anker is pretty well-known for putting out high-quality accessories and products that don’t break the bank, and the Soundcore Space NC are an example of that.

The Soundcore Space NC are a pair of headphones that not only have noise cancellation, but also fold up, making them great for travel, as they can fold up pretty small and fit into your bag nicely. Anker does include a nice hard-shell travel case with the Soundcore Space NC. Anker touts the fact that the Soundcore Space NC feature Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology, which is going to reduce up to 93-percent of low frequency and 96-percent of high frequency sound. Which is going to allow you to have even better active noise cancellation than something from Sony or Bose, which is definitely nice to have here. Anker also touts the fact that there are touch controls on the Soundcore Space NC. So there aren’t physical buttons here, but a touch pad on the side of the ear cups, so you can control your music and such while on the go, even easier. As mentioned already, the Soundcore Space NC does sport 20 hours of continuous playback, which does include noise-cancellation mode turned on. So with it turned off, you could get even more battery life out of this pair of headphones.

Anker is selling the Soundcore Space NC right now on Amazon for $99. That’s a great price for such a great pair of headphones. And for many, this is going to be a great pair to take with you when traveling, or even on long subway and plane rides. You can pick up the Soundcore Space NC now from Amazon using the link below. These will ship immediately, as they do not have a pre-order period going on for the Soundcore Space NC.

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