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Monday, 11 June 2018

Google Lens Added In Latest Moto Camera Update

Google Lens has been added in the latest Moto Camera app update, which means Motorola device owners will now have the same access to Lens features in the camera that Google’s Pixel and Nexus devices have had since the features first started rolling out. Google Lens may be one of the more notable features that’s part of the update but it isn’t the only new feature that users will be getting their hands on. In fact there are quite a few changes that are part of this latest update.

Another new feature is the ability to zoom in on photos and zoom out on photos with just one finger. This should make zooming within the camera a whole lot easier than before, and if not easier at the very least it’ll be faster than before, which could very well lead to better chances of getting the right shot at just the right moment as you won’t have to mess with those extra seconds pinching the screen to zoom in on your subject.

Users can also use the exposure UI to adjust the focus of the camera, and the settings UI now consolidates both the rear and front camera options, organizing things a little bit more and basically just cleaning up the application a bit where possible. Of course the usual bug fixes and improvements have been implemented here as well, so overall the app should feel smoother for anyone who’s using it. It’s also now possible to start broadcasting to YouTube Live right from the Moto Camera app which again sort of consolidates things as you won’t have to jump over to YouTube if you want to go live first. Lastly there’s an improvement that’s been made to the UI for exiting the camera’s different modes. This update started rolling out around last Friday it seems, so most users with Motorola devices should have the update by now.

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