~ Auto Buzz ~: LG Q8 Plus Gets Certified By The KCC & WFA, Coming Soon

Monday, 18 June 2018

LG Q8 Plus Gets Certified By The KCC & WFA, Coming Soon

The LG LM-Q815L got certified by the KCC (Korean Communications Commission) and WFA (Wi-Fi Alliance), and it seems like this is the upcoming LG Q8 Plus. This listing actually follows a certification of the LG LM-Q815S which got approved by the Wi-Fi Alliance, and it seems like both of those devices are variants of the upcoming LG Q8 Plus handset. Google’s page, dedicated to devices that support Google Play, actually reveals that both LM-Q815L and LM-Q815S are the LG Q8 Plus smartphones.

Having said that, the LG Q8 was announced back in July last year, and it was basically a new variant of the LG V20, but inferior to the LG V20. Well, the LG Q8 Plus is expected to be similar to the LG V30, to a degree, which means that it will probably also be inferior to the LG V30, but resemble it in a way. This phone is expected to launch in a similar time as its predecessor, but in 2018, of course, so it will probably arrive in July, or August at the latest. The LG Q8 Plus will probably be made out of metal and glass, like the LG V30, but do expect it to ship with thicker bezels than the LG V30, as the LG Q8 had thicker bezels than the LG V20. The LG Q8 Plus will probably sport two cameras on the back, while a fingerprint scanner will be included on the back as well.

It’s kind of hard to predict what specs will the phone sport, as we do not have any info thus far, but the LG Q8 came with the Snapdragon 820, so it’s possible that the LG Q8 Plus will include the Snapdragon 821, as the LG V30 ships with the Snapdragon 835. Android 8.1 Oreo will probably come pre-installed on the device, while LG’s custom UI will be applied on top of it, of course. The device is expected to ship with 4GB of RAM, and chances are it will sport some sort of water and dust resistance, IP67 or 68 rating.

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