~ Auto Buzz ~: Over One Million OnePlus 6 Units Sold In First Three Weeks

Friday, 15 June 2018

Over One Million OnePlus 6 Units Sold In First Three Weeks

Over a million of OnePlus 6 units were sold over the first 22 days of the smartphone’s commercial availability, the Chinese manufacturer said Thursday. Last month, the firm described the OnePlus 6 as its fastest-selling device to date — a title it also attached to every one of its previously released products — but hasn’t shared any specific sales figures until today. The Shenzhen, Guangdong-based OEM also provided additional context to its announcement, having clarified the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T both took close to three months to hit one million units sold each. OnePlus attributed its latest success to its single-flagship strategy, signaling its approach to releasing and promoting one device at a time won’t change in the near future.

The OnePlus 6 launched alongside an unprecedented number of wireless carrier partnerships negotiated by the company and is presently retailed across 36 countries, having also been picked up by major European players such as O2 and Elisa, which likely contributed to its strong performance as well. The original equipment manufacturer said more than five million people around the world presently use its devices, asserting how that figure has been growing in a rapid manner ever since it introduced the OnePlus One in the spring of 2014. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Pete Lau said the OnePlus team is “touched by the trust” consumers placed into the brand, having promised more Android devices from the company will be hitting the market going forward.

The firm hasn’t provided a breakdown of its one-million sales figure but noted that its North American performance improved by 139-percent in 2017 compared to the previous year, suggesting a similar jump is likely to be observed over the course of 2018 as well. The OEM is expected to follow up on the OnePlus 6 with the OnePlus 6T which should launch in the final quarter of the year. The OnePlus 6 starts at $529 in the United States and €519 in Europe.

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