~ Auto Buzz ~: Plex Introduces Grid View Channel Guide For Live TV

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Plex Introduces Grid View Channel Guide For Live TV

Plex is introducing a channel guide for live TV following what it says has been a swarm of requests from users that this should be an available view when browsing for something to watch. With Plex finally bringing this feature to its platform users of the service should be happy to see that it’s been incorporated, though at the moment it is only available via Plex on the web so there is a limitation to its use at the moment. The good thing is that’s changing in the near future.

Plex doesn’t give any specific dates on the release of the grid view for other platforms but it does confirm it has plans to bring it to other platforms. This means those who use Plex via devices that run Android, or on consoles perhaps, will eventually have the ability to browse through content in a grid. That said there are also no details on which platforms will be getting it, so Plex could be working on bring it to all of the other platforms where the service is available or it could only be planning to launch it for some.

As for how it all looks, the screenshots below showcase the design. If you’re not a fan of the grid view and you do use Plex Web, it’s just as easy to stick with the view that you prefer as it is to switch over to the Grid View if you actually enjoy it. If you don’t use Plex Web and you don’t care for it, then you’re safe as it’s no available now anyway. Plex has been paying attention to all of its platforms on a fairly steady basis. Recently it upgraded the Android app to include podcasts and it gave users more ways to customize things. It also recently made some improvements to the version that’s available for the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV.

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