~ Auto Buzz ~: Top 10 Best Car Mounts For Android Smartphones – June 2018

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Top 10 Best Car Mounts For Android Smartphones – June 2018

Car mounts are something that everyone needs for their smartphone. In fact, many States are now requiring that you use a car mount while in the car, otherwise you cannot use your phone and you’ll get a ticket. Seeing as these mounts are all – for the most part – under $10, there’s really no reason not to pick one up. There are many different car mounts out there, in all different shapes and sizes. We’ve rounded up the best car mounts available for Android smartphones and these are all universal, so they’ll work with any device.

One of our favorites on this list is the CD Slot Car Mount from Satechi. This is a great looking car mount that doesn’t really get in the way when not in use, but it also works well for mounting your phone. It is a magnetic mount, so you will need to slide a magnet inside your phone’s case to use it, which isn’t hard. And Satechi includes plastic film so you can put the magnet inside the case without affixing it to the phone or the case. Making it easier to move it from one phone to another. It’s a great looking car mount, and really works well, especially for those that have CD slots that aren’t being used.

Another favorite is the Spigen Stealth Kuel car mount. This is a car mount that actually folds down when not in use. Which is why it’s called “Stealth”, because you won’t even notice it is there. It is able to hold your phone in landscape mode, and will work with just about any smartphone as well. So you can put your phone in there and use it for navigation and such without any issues really, which is definitely a good thing. Both of these car mounts are great, but so are the other eight that are listed below. You really can’t go wrong with any of them listed below, and they are all under $20.

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