~ Auto Buzz ~: Verizon Opens Pre-Registration For the RED HYDROGEN One Smartphone

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Verizon Opens Pre-Registration For the RED HYDROGEN One Smartphone

Verizon announced a few weeks ago that it was going to be offering up the RED HYDROGEN One smartphone later this summer. Though it was not specific as to when this summer, but the carrier has now launched a pre-registration page for the RED HYDROGEN One. This way customers are able to sign up and stay in the know with what’s going on with the RED HYDROGEN One and be notified when the device is available. This also allows Verizon to gauge the interest for the device, and order a good number of smartphones but not so many that they are stuck with a bunch of smartphones that aren’t being bought.

Now the RED HYDROGEN One is the first smartphone from the high-end camera maker, Red. This isn’t a cheap smartphone either, and it wasn’t designed to be the best looking smartphone ever. This was a smartphone designed for YouTubers, specifically those that already use Red’s cinematic cameras, like the Red Weapon. The RED HYDROGEN One starts at $1295, which effectively makes it the most expensive smartphone that Verizon has ever offered – even more than the iPhone X. The RED HYDROGEN One comes in aluminum for $1295 and titanium for $1595. It also has a holographic display, which no one has seen on video and that’s because the company says it is hard to show on camera. It’s an expensive smartphone, but definitely high-end as it gets.

The vision with the RED HYDROGEN One for the company is to bring a modular camera to the smartphone, just as it has done with its cameras. So you will be able to – in the future at least – swap out lenses on the back of your smartphone. Which is a different modular approach than what companies like Motorola and LG have done with smartphones in the past. So there’s a possibility that it could be more popular. The RED HYDROGEN One will be available fairly soon, and right now it’s Verizon and AT&T that will be carrying the device. There’s still very little information available about when they’ll be available.

Pre-Register For the RED HYDROGEN One

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