~ Auto Buzz ~: Verizon Revamps Its Unlimited Offerings With A Trio Of Plans

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Verizon Revamps Its Unlimited Offerings With A Trio Of Plans

Verizon announced three unlimited plans today, which will be replacing its existing Unlimited plan. These three plans are dubbed “gounlimited”, “beyondunlimited” and “aboveunlimited”. These come in at different price points as you’d expect, with the “gounlimited” plan being the cheapest at $75 for a single line and being as cheap as $40 per line (if you have four lines).

The three plans break down pretty simply, actually. The gounlimited plan includes unlimited data as you’d expect, though video streaming is capped at 480p and mobile hotspot speeds are also capped, this time at 600Kbps (faster than 2G, but slower than 3G speeds). beyondunlimited also brings unlimited data, and has high-definition video streaming mobile hotspot is available at LTE speeds (basically, no throttling for 15GB), and you can use up to 22GB before you get throttled. This plan ranges from $50 to $85 depending on the number of lines you have. Finally, there’s the aboveunlimited plan. Which is the same as beyondunlimited, but with larger caps. So for mobile hotspot, you get 20GB before you get throttled. Overall, the cap is 75GB before Verizon throttles you, and you also get five “TravelPasses” which give you a day of international data usage per month. You also get 500GB of Verizon Cloud service here. prices for the aboveunlimited plan range from $60 to $95 per line, depending on the number of lines you have, naturally.

These plans will go into effect next week, on June 18. So the current Verizon Unlimited plan will go away in favor of these three plans. They actually offer some pretty good value, as those that don’t use a lot of data normally, but do want to have the peace of mind that unlimited offers, you can get the gounlimited plan. Those that are always on the road and travel internationally, will definitely enjoy the aboveunlimited plan. This continues the narrative that carriers have been pushing since bringing unlimited data back, that they can offer several different unlimited plans here at varying price points and still raise its revenues – and keep shareholders happy.

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