~ Auto Buzz ~: eSports A Fast-Growing Market For Pay-TV Providers, Says New Report

Thursday, 12 July 2018

eSports A Fast-Growing Market For Pay-TV Providers, Says New Report

10-percent of US households with high-speed Internet access now watch eSports, according to a new report from Parks Associates. The report — Digital Natives: The Rise of Esports — also points out it’s not just a matter of an increasing number of households watching eSports, but there’s also an increase in the number of people playing games in general. With the report stating no less than 62-percent of US households with broadband enjoy at least one hour of video gaming each week.

Breaking down the figures a little further, Parks Associates explains the new and rising eSports demographic is largely comprised of male gamers who are aged 35 or younger. While also explaining these viewers on average spend $47.23 per month on “non-pay-TV video entertainment” compared to those not actively watching eSports. At present, computers seem to be the device of choice for 67-percent of eSports viewers, compared to 45-percent who watch on a TV, and and 34-percent on a smartphone. Likewise, the report suggests YouTube and Twitch are currently the two leading options when it comes to ways to watch eSports. Interestingly, it would seem these viewers are more open to watching in different ways with over half of those watching eSports using “more than one platform.” Of the two leaders, however, YouTube reportedly accounts for 61-percent of viewers, with Twitch accounting for 45-percent.

One of the takeaways offered by Parks Associates is that content providers – including pay-TV providers — have a new avenue of growth if open to them if they take a more active approach to providing eSports content to their customers. For example, data from the report suggests 41-percent of eSports viewers “would be likely or very likely” to pay a subscription to access eSports content. A similar number of eSports viewers (39-percent) would be willing to pay on a per-event basis as well. In spite of the figure only listed as 10-percent, due to the age of the eSports sector, not only is it expected to grow significantly in the future, but Parks Associates suggests right now is a good time for content providers to get more involved and look to establish themselves as a leading contributor to this sub-market.

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