~ Auto Buzz ~: Google announces Titan Security Key for stronger logins

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Google announces Titan Security Key for stronger logins

Security is an important element for just about everyone out there, from businesses to the general public. And Google looks to be adding yet another option for folks who want to help lock things down.

Announced today by Google at the Next conference, the Titan Security Key is designed to help make logins more secure. It is designed to authenticate logins via Bluetooth and USB, and according to the company it will also include a special firmware designed by the company to verify its authenticity.

The Titan key is built on the FIDO specification, which means it’s an agreed-upon standard from a variety of different companies and apps and also means that the Titan key can be used to securely log into non-Google services as well. However, it should be noted that those third-party services will probably not be able to take advantage of Google’s specific firmware authentication.

Google has been testing the Titan key for over a year internally, and it says that it will be rolling out for Cloud customers first. However, it will be rolling out to the general public in the “coming months”.

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