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Monday, 9 July 2018

Google Pay App Now In Line With Material Design Guidelines

The desktop browser version of Google Pay was reworked earlier this month so as to be in line with the company’s Material Design guidelines which it already follows on other platforms. As expected, the Google Pay web service is predominantly white, with its interface being free of clutter and relatively straightforward to use. The shortcoming of the new design language is that it features a lot of unused space and generally isn’t efficient, though it should at least work particularly well on touchscreens.

Google Pay will soon be receiving most functionalities of Google Wallet, the company’s former payment service which was already joined with Android Pay under a single brand in late February. The Google Wallet website is what’s now called Google Pay and its latest redesign already started rolling out to users in early July, though the Alphabet-owned tech giant reportedly hasn’t started deploying it globally until a few days back. As a result of the firm’s unification efforts, users from all countries should now be seeing the new Google Pay web app even if peer-to-peer payments and some of its other functionalities aren’t available in their markets; irrespective of those features, the same service is now also used for paying for Android apps and other digital goods available through the Play Store.

Some backend fixes may be part of the new app build as well, with at least one user reporting the redesigned version of the tool finally allowed them to replace their original payment profile which was previously frozen for years due to a bug in its interaction with Google Fi, making them incur extra charges with every payment because they relocated to another country in the meantime. The app is now meant to serve as a unified hub for managing one’s subscriptions and payments within Google’s ecosystem; refer to the banner below for a comprehensive list of all tweaks and changes made to the service as part of its Material Design revamp.

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