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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus To Feature Five Cameras In Total: Rumor

The most premium model of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 family will feature five cameras in total, South Korean outlet The Bell reports, citing people close to the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. The series meant to succeed the Galaxy S9 line is said to consist of three models, with the Galaxy S10 Plus being its top offering and a direct follow-up to this year’s Galaxy S9 Plus. That device has already been rumored as embracing a triple-camera setup akin to the one found on the back of Huawei’s P20 Plus, with insiders from South Korea now also claiming that its slim top bezel will sport a dual-lens imaging system.

While the details of that front-facing solution remain unclear, previous reports suggested Samsung identified a way to implement a 3D camera similar to the one from Apple’s iPhone X and Xiaomi’s Mi 8 into a smartphone while still avoiding a display notch, having supposedly enlisted the help of Israeli startup Mantis Vision in order to do so. The new report of dual front cameras is effectively reinforcing that notion; as seen on the examples of the two aforementioned devices, a depth-sensing system relies on a separate infrared camera sitting next to a more traditional sensor-and-less combination, though the solution still isn’t advertised as a dual-camera setup. In case Samsung goes a more traditional route and truly opts for a dual-lens solution, that move would likely allow it to deliver a more natural bokeh effect in the Live Portrait mode.

The Galaxy S10 Plus is also rumored to feature at least one lens with support for shooting ultra-wide angles, as well as another telephoto module. The Android flagship lineup is expected to be officially announced early next year, presumably at the next edition of the annual Mobile World Congress trade show taking place in Barcelona, Spain. An in-display fingerprint reader is also said to be part of the upcoming Samsung-made product series, together with a 7nm system-on-chip and Android P.

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