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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Users Can Now Ask Questions In Instagram Stories

Instagram has steadily been adding more features to its Stories feature, and today it looks like the ability to ask questions is now available in Instagram Stories. Prior to this, users were able to ask yes or no questions, and have users rate something in the photo. But now, users can ask any sort of question and have users type something in the box that is submitted to the user. Maybe not the most popular feature for Instagram Stories, but it is a great way to get feedback from other users on something.

This new question feature is not yet available to everyone, it appears to be rolling out rather slowly, but there are a handful of people with this feature already. It’s pretty easy for users to add in these questions into their story, just hit the question button when adding to your story and you can ask a question and so forth. It’s a great feature or Instagram to use to get more people interacting with stories and thus spending more time on the platform and seeing more ads, which is going to result in more revenue. But this is also going to make advertisers happy, as they’ll be able to reach more users with this feature.

Instagram has been focusing pretty heavily on its video services as of late, with the launch of IGTV and also adding more features to Instagram Stories in the past few weeks. The reason for this is that people are more engaged in video than just regular photos, and video ads do also pay more than standard text or static ads. This is something we’re seeing across social media as well, not just Instagram and Facebook. It’s also getting more users involved which means that it is working, and not just adding features just to add features.

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