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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Xiaomi Mi Box Android TV Oreo Update Halted, Returns To Beta Status

The Android 8.0 (Oreo) update rollout for the Xiaomi Mi Box has now seemingly been halted due to an unspecified, but understood to be large enough number of issues. In the most serious of cases, issues have reportedly led to Mi Box units becoming inoperable. As a result, Xiaomi.eu is now reporting the official Mi TV team will no longer continue rolling out the Oreo over-the-air update to international Mi Box devices.

Of course, a significant number of Mi Box owners have already received the update from Xiaomi, and according to the information, in a bid to swell the issues a new OTA update will begin rolling out soon with a view to fixing HDCP 2.2 and NTFS-related issues. The information suggests, these issues in particular are likely to be what’s causing some units to become inoperable. Therefore, this first update will immediately look to help users experiencing a non-functional device. Apparently, this first OTA will roll out to all devices that have been upgraded to Oreo, and not just those believed to have been affected by the more serious issues.

On the wider point, it now seems as though the Oreo update in general for the Mi Box is reverting to a beta program stage again. Furthermore, as the immediate update is understood to be rolling out to all users, this will in effect enroll all devices running Oreo into the beta program going forward. It is then presumed routinely updates will become available which will look to lessen the impact of the issues experienced by users. At present, however, there is no firm suggestion that any and all issues will be fixed in due course as the list of known issues has become fairly substantial and affecting many areas of the Android TV experience on the Mi Box. It also seems to be the case that there is no current option for Mi Box owners to roll back to an early version of the OS. It’s worth keeping mind that this information has not come directly from Xiaomi but from Xiaomi.eu and is said to be on behalf of the Xiaomi Mi TV team. So for more information on what to do if you are experiencing an issue with the Mi Box, head through the links below.

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