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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Gboard App Can Now Create Personalized Stickers

Google seems to have rolled out ‘Mini’ sticker for its Gboard application, and that goes for both Android and iOS versions of that app. Now, this new feature basically allows Gboard to create personalized emoji from your photo, by using machine learning, neural networks, and artist illustrations. While it’s making your very own personalized emoji, it will take into account a number of factors, including your skin tone, hair color and style, face shape, facial hair, and eye color.

In order to create your very own emoji, simply access ‘Mini’ in your Gboard app, and then start this process by taking a selfie. Following that, Gboard will create your avatar, and based on it, it will generate packs of stickers for you. Do make sure that Gboard app is up to date before you do this, and even though this feature should be available to all of you, we cannot confirm that just yet, as the feature is still not available on our devices. This feature may actually sound familiar to some of you, and that’s why it has been available as part of Google’s Allo app for a while now, since last year, actually. Google has announced that it’s putting Allo’s development on hold, mainly because Android Messages is becoming Google’s go-to chat app, and some of Allo’s features are making their way to other Google apps, such as this one, while Allo’s Google Assistant-related features will roll out to Android Messages, it seems.

In any case, if you do decide to make your own sticker packs using this new feature, Mini will create 100 new sticker styles using your avatar, and those designs come in ‘Bold’ and ‘Sweet’ modes, so you’ll basically have a ton of sticker to send to your friends. If you’d like to take a closer look as to how this feature works, check out the GIF image down below, which will basically show you the whole process.

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