~ Auto Buzz ~: T-Mobile’s Latest Unlimited Data Plan, “Essentials” Is Now Live

Saturday, 11 August 2018

T-Mobile’s Latest Unlimited Data Plan, “Essentials” Is Now Live

Earlier this week, T-Mobile announced a new unlimited data plan called T-Mobile Essentials, and now it is available to all. This is an unlimited data plan that only includes the essentials, as the name might suggest. This is a cheaper unlimited data plan without all of the bells and whistles that T-Mobile ONE includes – like GoGo Inflight WiFi, Netflix, and much more. It also doesn’t include taxes and fees in the price, like T-Mobile ONE, so it might look much cheaper on paper, but when you get your bill, that gap will be smaller.

With T-Mobile Essentials, you still get unlimited data, and you will only get throttled if you use more than 50GB and during network congestion. You get unlimited 3G mobile hotspot instead of 4G LTE speeds there. Now you can add 10GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot for $10 per month if you really need faster hotspot speeds.  You do still get unlimited international roaming, at 2G speeds here, but that is only in Canada and Mexico. You can still text in over 210 countries. So you will want to grab a data pass before you travel overseas. T-Mobile Tuesdays are still included in T-Mobile Essentials, so you can still get the free rentals from Vudu and other free gifts.

Pricing for T-Mobile Essentials starts at $60 for one line of service. The second line is $30, while the third through sixth lines are $15 each. That brings a family of four down to just $120 for unlimited data. That’s $40 off of the price of a family of four on T-Mobile ONE, but don’t forget, that taxes and fees are not included in the T-Mobile Essentials price, but they are on the T-Mobile ONE price. So it’ll actually be closer to about $20 less. You can sign up for T-Mobile Essentials by visiting your local T-Mobile store or calling T-Mobile. Unfortunately, you can’t sign up for this plan online currently. But that might change in the future.

T-Mobile Essentials

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