~ Auto Buzz ~: These Wear OS Watches Will Get Google’s New Redesign

Thursday, 30 August 2018

These Wear OS Watches Will Get Google’s New Redesign

Google has announced a new design refresh for Wear OS yesterday, and now we know which watches will get the update. One of Google’s employees revealed a full list of devices that will get the update via Google’s Products Forum, and interestingly enough, only a handful of watches are missing. So, basically, if a watch has received Android Wear 2.0, it will receive this update as well, plain and simple.

This actually means that only some watches will not get it, including the LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360 (2014), Sony Smartwatch 3, and the ASUS ZenWatch (first-gen). Now, as far as the update timing, Google has confirmed that the update will be rolled out to all eligible smartwatches over the next month, which means that all of you will be able to use it fairly soon. Now, Google’s new Wear OS update aims to offer you quicker access to information and notifications, basically, and on top of that, smarter health coaching. All those aspects are only a swipe away, as you need to swipe from the bottom up in order to access your notifications, which was the case thus far as well, but now more than one notification is visible, they’re separated by one straight line, and that’s it.

A swipe down will get you quicker access to a number of handy features and shortcuts, as you can, for example, access Google Pay from there. In order to access Google Assistant, you can swipe from left to right, while Google Assistant now offers proactive and personalized help on that screen. As far as the fitness aspect is concerned, that is also one swipe away, if you swipe from right to left, you’ll be able to access Google Fit, by default, and all of its new features that Google introduced lately.

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