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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Top 10 Best Laptop Accessories – Back To School 2018

Going back to school is a pretty big deal, especially for those that are going off to college for the first time. And while every student is going to need a laptop, there are also some accessories that everyone is going to need, which includes webcams, extra USB-C cables and much more. So we have rounded up the top ten best laptop accessories to go back to school with, which are all listed down below.

As far as webcams go, you can’t go wrong with the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920. This is a 1080p webcam that offers up some great video quality, thanks to the Carl Zeiss glass that it is using. It also has microphones built-in, so it’s great for making Skype calls while your student is away, and you can still see what they are up to and so forth. Another great accessory to pick up for back to school is a pair of USB-C cables from Anker. These are 6-feet long cables, which is pretty long, and great for college. These are also braided cables, so that they are going to be tougher than your normal cables, and can be bent far more than regular cables that aren’t braided. You can get a pair of these for under $20, which is a really good price, to be honest.

We’ve already listed the top 10 best laptops to pick up for going back to school, and some of those use just USB-C ports, so we have also listed some USB-C hubs so you can get your ports back. And there are some good options listed below. If you haven’t decided on a laptop yet, you’ll want to check out that top ten for an idea of what laptop to pick up for you or your student. There’s also a slew of laptops on sale right now at various retailers.

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